Air conditioning, ventilation and environmental technology specialists based in Duisburg

Spezialisten für Klima, Luft- und Umwelttechnik aus Duisburg

Spezialisten für Klima, Luft- und Umwelttechnik aus Duisburg


Air conditioning


Ventilation systems

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Environmental engineering

KLU offers individual solutions in the commercial sector

Welcome to the homepage of KLU based in Duisburg. On the following pages, you’ll find information about our company. Our range of services includes air conditioning and ventilation systems, which are designed, built and maintained by our expert team.

With over 25 years of experience in ventilation and air-conditioning technology, we offer specialised solutions according to your exact requirements. As a professional company, we prepare the assembly plans, install the ventilation and air-conditioning systems, carry out the commissioning as well as providing a skilled maintenance service.

We also carry out electrical, heating and plumbing work if required

Energy efficient plants with heat recovery

Room ventilation with circulating air cooling units (VRF / VRV and cold water)

Ventilation systems for heat dissipation and the elimination of odour emissions

Our concept

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we spend time with you to analyse what you need. We then develop individual solutions based on the latest technologies and legal regulations.

KLU is proud to make your plant fit for the future, with a fixed price guarantee.



Once your system is installed, and the necessary electrical and control engineering has been completed, the system is put into operation. We meticulously test the function to ensure that the required air volumes are maintained both qualitatively and quantitatively.